Welcome to Fall in Maine

Our team, along with many job seekers and employers here in Maine, have been anxiously waiting for fall this year.

During more normal times, the end of summer and the passing of Labor day means an uptick in activity for us. We usually see a real bump in the number of people entering the job market and our employer partners are often gearing up for the last few months of the calendar year. The past few weeks have only created more uncertainty for the employment market. Most employers who planned to have employees return onsite after Labor Day have since put off those plans, with many telling us they won’t make any plans until the end of the year at this point.

This summer was a challenge, as more and more job seekers (and would-be job seekers) contacted us to discuss their options for the fall. Most people are still interested in working remotely, especially with the more recent news surrounding Covid and the uncertainty it brings for their home and family life.

With the short-term employment market still in flux, we continue to be encouraged about the employment market over the long term. As housing prices suggest, more and more people are choosing Maine as the place to start or continue their careers. Our recruiting team is having a record year as employers with key positions seek us out to partner with them. Our Temporary and IT Contract Staffing teams have been very busy this year as well helping job seekers and employers navigate these unique times. Our teams are continuing to see a wide variety of exciting jobs come in which can be found on our job board.

Fall is another good time to say thank you to all the job seekers, temporary and contract employees, and Maine employers who continue to put their trust in us. We appreciate and are humbled by your support.