About ProSearch

It’s all about connections.

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” dozens of times. But when it comes to finding the right job – or the right employee – it really couldn’t be truer.

ProSearch is Maine’s premier staffing and recruiting firm. Our job is to connect great people with great opportunities, and vice versa. Established in 1994 by founder and president Edward McKersie, CPC, ProSearch helps Maine’s top employers build their teams by recruiting the right people – from temp/temp-to-hire, to IT consulting, to direct hire – for the right positions. We uncover the people who not only bring the right skills but also fit in seamlessly with company culture. Because it matters. A lot.

At ProSearch, we’re all about finding “the one” – or 100 versions of the one, if that’s what your company needs. Our team is firmly rooted and deeply connected here in Maine. From the state’s flagship employers to Portland’s quirkiest start-ups, we have our hands in all kinds of projects (even a few you might never have heard of!), and access to all kinds of talent (including those hidden gems who aren’t actively job seeking…yet). We take pride in understanding the needs and cultures of our clients and the skills and motivations of our candidates so that we can make the perfect match. Anybody can fill seats. At ProSearch, we help build teams.

As Maine’s largest employee-owned recruiting and staffing firm, we know our success is a direct result of the trust placed in us by Maine’s top employers, as well as our candidates and temporary and contract employees. Our charge every day is to maintain that trust. And if you take a look at our track record, and the tenure of our professional staff (ahem, our employee-owners) we think you’ll agree that we’re doing something right.  After all, when your team sticks around to build their careers with you, you know you have something special going.

The ProSearch Giveback Program

Good recruiters know that a thank you note goes a long way. So as a way for us to say “thank you” to you – the temporary and contract employees and the top Maine employers we work with – we created the ProSearch Client Giveback Program. Each quarter, on behalf of our client companies, we donate five cents for every hour our temporary and contract employees work to community organizations in Southern Maine.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, we’ve contributed over $100,000 to Maine-based charities and non-profits. So basically- thank you.

ProSearch Giveback Program Recipients

Want to learn more? If you’re a Maine-based non-profit that would like to be considered for this program, please contact Dave Vasconcelos at dave@prosearchmaine.com or at 207-775-7600.