The ProSearch Competitive Advantage

Yes, it is a job-seekers market, with more jobs open than there are qualified people to fill here in Maine! Even with that advantage, it makes sense to partner with a recruiting and staffing firm that understands the job market and access to job opportunities that aren’t even posted on job boards!

With Maine being our home, we know the job market here better than anyone. We know which employers are hiring and we have insight into future hiring plans with many of our employer partners. We’ve built relationships with hiring managers and their HR partners. With these relationships, we gain an understanding of an employer’s culture and the types of people that thrive there. In most cases, we have already placed a number of people at that employer, giving us unique insight and access.

When you connect with ProSearch, you’re dealing with someone who knows the market, and wants to know what you’re looking for in your next job! With our knowledge of the job market, we work with you to determine which industries, which employers, or even which career paths align with your goals. Your interview with our team is focused on what’s important to you and allows us to develop a game plan together.

Our relationships with the right people at Maine’s employers will result in more interviews and job offers for you because when we refer you to an employer partner, they trust that we have determined you will be a good fit for their organization and the job they need to fill. No more blindly sending off your resume to every job posting!

So, if you are just starting your career, new to Maine, trying to re-enter the job market after taking some time away, or simply looking for that next career opportunity, we can be your best resource in sorting through the clutter of the job market and getting you the job that works for you!

Let’s Get to Work!