Let’s Get to Work LIVE Ep. 8, 06.11.20

Creator and founder of Friday.app, Luke Thomas talks about improving remote working with Ed. By implementing targeted surveys to gather employee feedback, Luke shares of the improved remote culture at Friday.app.

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*** Replay *** Recorded on Thursday (6/11) at 12:10 pmCurious about COVID-19’s impact on the workplace? with Ed McKersie and Luke Thomas of Friday.appEd & Luke will be discussing during this Let’s Get to Work LIVE:● Reimagining the workplace● Tips for a remote workforce● Importance of communication● Staying connected with remote teams● Benefits of tools, like Friday.appFriday is the easiest way to share regular updates and feedback at work, helping distributed teams stay connected and productive.Tune in and ask us your questions!

Posted by ProSearch on Thursday, June 11, 2020