Let’s Get to Work LIVE Ep. 7, 05.21.20

Ed discusses Educate Maine and the importance of internships and how that has changed during COVID-19 with Kate Howell. Internships not only help college students and grads build experience but also gives them the opportunity to begin to build their network!

Did COVID-19 Rescind Your Internship or Post-Grad Job Offer?Explore What’s Next | LIVE on Thursday (5/21) at 12:10 pmwith Ed McKersie and Kate Howell from Educate MaineSome topics Ed and Kate will be covering during this Let’s Get to Work LIVE:● Importance of internships● Thinking beyond the traditional internship● Tips to connect with local business leaders● Post-Covid-19 Work Opportunities● FocusMaine and Educate Maine● Expanded Intern Experience ProgramTune in and ask us your questions!

Posted by ProSearch on Thursday, May 21, 2020