It’s Not Just a Temp Job

It’s not just a temp job- it’s a resume builder, skills-refresher, foot in the door opportunity that today’s job seekers should consider first when beginning their job search.

With job openings far exceeding the number of job seekers to fill them, some people might think it makes more sense to apply to job postings directly without the additional steps of connecting with a staffing firm. I would argue that this type of job market enhances the value of a recruiting and staffing firm that knows the local market. Employers continue to partner with staffing firms they trust to send them pre-screened candidates- people who aren’t just qualified but pre-qualified to fit their company culture.

You can view a staffing specialist as y our personal agent, someone who will help you understand how your experience and expectations match up with employer needs in the market. When you interview with a staffing specialist, they won’t focus on one job opportunity as much as get to know you and discuss your options. A staffing firm often represents opportunities with employers that aren’t posted anywhere and the relationship they have with these employers means that by recommending you for a specific opportunity, you jump ahead of the line, and past the resume pile.

Any job seeker can benefit from this partnership, but below are a few situations where temporary staffing firms can really provide value:

Current college students can gain valuable experience through temporary assignments during semester breaks and summer months. These projects can validate a student’s future career path and add to their resume, giving them a competitive advantage upon graduation.

Recent college graduates who want to learn more about the various career options available and see the value in working on projects at several different employers before committing to a longer term job. These projects also build up a resume, provide professional references, and build out a person’s network

Job seekers who have recently moved to an area. Meeting with a staffing specialist can help you learn more about the local job market and specific employers. These job seekers benefit greatly from engaging with a firm that has local market knowledge and contacts. Temporary and temp to hire assignments can provide that foot in the door to employers that fit your work style and career goals.

Job seekers re-entering the market after taking time off. Temporary staffing firms often provide online skills-based testing and training for those people who might be concerned about how their skills (which might be a bit rusty) will translate to the current job market. As with the other examples, having a staffing specialist work with you to evaluate the market and match opportunities with your experience and career goals can be critical to landing a great job.

People who may feel they have chosen the wrong career path and want to explore options. Staffing firms often help job seekers by discussing different industries and career tracks that they didn’t realize might be a better fit for them. Even looking at the size of the employer vs. their current situation can make the difference between having a job and having a career you are excited about.

Many people have made the decision to be a “permanent” temporary employee, enjoying the diversity of projects and having the flexibility to take time off on their schedule. Being employed longer term with one staffing agency can provide these employees with similar benefits to joining any other employer- retirement plans, benefits, and earned time off. In recent years, the term gig economy was created as a result of more people making this their career choice. A quick search defines the gig economy as “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of a short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs”.

If you see yourself fitting into one of the categories above, I recommend you consider connecting with a trusted recruiting and staffing firm. The conversation can only enhance your knowledge of the job market, making it more likely that you won’t just land “a job”, but will know it when a really unique opportunity with the right employer comes along!