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You’re working hard but something’s lacking. Maybe it’s a more professional environment you seek. Maybe you’re done with retail and food service hours and are looking for something more predictable. Either way, you know there’s something better out there that leverages your people skills and solid work ethic. If that’s you – we can help. 

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ProSearch has deep, long-term relationships with Maine’s top employers who come to us looking for quality candidates. We’re talking:

  • WEX
  • MaineHealth
  • Martin’s Point
  • Geiger
  • And more!

But we also work with small and mid-size employers (some you might never have even heard of) as well as Portland’s quirkiest start-ups. Because of our relationships with employers across the state, we have access to a “hidden job market” of opportunities that never get advertised publicly and are only filled by trusted partners like ProSearch. We’ve gained an intimate understanding of these employers’ company cultures, management styles, and future business plans, so we can help you make informed decisions before accepting an interview and give you the insight required to interview effectively.

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