The time is now…Let’s Get to Work.

One of the ways we partner with our clients is by sharing what we are hearing from other employers here in Maine. Until a few weeks ago, the consensus was that most Maine employers were actively planning to have employees return to either a full-time or part-time (hybrid) onsite workplace schedule just after Labor Day. What a difference a few weeks and a new COVID variant can make… We are learning that many employers have pushed back their “return to the workplace” plans until October or later. These decisions will continued to be reviewed over the next several months with a number of our clients stating they won’t be requiring employees to return until late 2021 or 2022.

Since the beginning of 2020, many of the temporary/contract assignments with our clients started these assignments as remote, but since there is an uncertainty of whether a company would transition employees back onsite, we were often hearing this was preventing people from rejoining the workforce. In the past few weeks, with the change in their guidelines for their own employees, our clients have responded by allowing these temporary/contract positions to be kept remote for the entire time of the assignment. This has led to more job seekers considering re-entering the employment market.

If you or someone you know has been waiting for more clarity around the job market, we suggest now is the time to take a leap and reach out to our team. This is one of the most robust job markets in years, and we are actively engaged in conversations with potential job seekers, learning about their own personal needs and concerns as we discuss their options. Our philosophy has always been that our temporary and contract employees should rely on us to explain the opportunities in the market, and they should only take assignments where the work and pay are motivating, and they feel safe and respected. This couldn’t be more important than in today’s job market.

As our tagline says… Let’s get to work!