Summer Success

Happy July! Our team just had our first in-person offsite meeting since we started working remotely due to COVID. While we have stayed connected with regular video meetings over the last year, getting together and reviewing our results for the first half of 2021 face to face was exciting! We have so much to celebrate as we head fully into summer here in Maine…

  • ProSearch had record results in all three lines of business during the first half of the year! Our recruiting team is crushing their projections and our temporary staffing team rebounding from 2020 with almost double the number of hours worked by our temporary employees this year.
  • Our mid-year check-in with our employer partners confirms that demand for our recruiting and staffing services will only increase as their teams return to the office and business gets back to some version of normal. Our IT Contracts team has heard from several employer partners that the rest of 2021 will see a number of large projects kick-off in the upcoming months, and are already lining up resources to be ready.
  • Our team and their families are healthy…and growing, we can’t wait to meet the next generation of ProSearchers! And we are all enjoying summer here in the state that we love.

To those of you who are currently here in Maine- or want to get here- please consider contacting our team by clicking here to learn more about temporary, IT contract, or career opportunities we have with Maine-based employers. Even if your priority is to enjoy time with family and friends over the next few months, it’s not too early to engage with us to discuss your options for the fall and beyond!