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Build Skills with the ProSearch Scrum Academy

ProSearch is proud to offer, in collaboration with Interaction Agility, The Scrum Academy, for our clients and Maine’s business community. Agile is the new way forward for many organizations, and training in Scrum enhances desirability and productivity. No other Portland recruiting or staffing firm offers this training.

The ProSearch Academy offers focused tracks for:

  • Product Owners
  • Development Teams
  • Managers

Why Scrum?

Scrum Can Help! Scrum enables an organization to reduce risk, make better decisions, and deliver more value in less time! Becoming an effective Scrum Master is a journey that begins with a two-day certification class.

Beyond the Process Mechanics! Being a successful Scrum Master is not just following a process. Scrum Masters are also facilitators, coaches, teachers, mentors, leaders, and experts in agility.

Agility as Imperative! With a refined process and over a decade of experience, participants will grow their skills as facilitators coaches, and leaders to guide their team through meaningful change.

A Way Forward! To survive, organizations must become more adaptive. Effective Scrum Masters enable ability and evolutionary improvements at the team level. Team members increase their engagement, productivity, quality, and satisfaction as they reach higher levels of performance to achieve goals for the organization and customer.

It All Begins with Certification…

An effective Scrum Master makes the difference between a team that’s simply going through the motions … and one that’s killing it. Your first step towards becoming a truly effective Scrum Master begins with the ProSearch two-day certification class. The class will serve as an in-depth introduction to Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master.

…And Continues with the Scrum Master Track

Once you complete the initial certification, it’s time to master your skills with the Scrum Master Track course.

During the course, participants will form a cohort to support and sustain their efforts as they learn to grow their skills as facilitators, coaches, and servant leaders. They’ll choose the most important topics to cover and learn to guide their teams through meaningful change.

At the completion of this class, you will possess the skills to:

  • Facilitate, coach, teach, and mentor your group
  • Understand the agile process
  • Know how to lead change

Scrum Academy Logistics

Scrum Academy sessions are hands-on, agenda-less workshops. Participants report them to be fun and effective learning environments!

While the first session will cover some essential required topics, subsequent sessions will be created from a pool of elective topical modules. Each cohort will create a ranked log of important topics, reflecting their learning needs and goals. As the cohort learns together their log’s contents and ordering will be flexible, ensuring that the topic being addressed is the most relevant to the group’s needs.

The Academy class will meet every two weeks for 12 weeks in a series of half-day sessions. Each session is likely to include pre-work and applied learning follow-up work. Plan for at least a half-day/week of effort in addition to the workshops.

Available Sessions

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Foundations of Agility

SA: SM Track

Leading in Complexity

SA: PO Track

Foundations of Resonant Coaching

Foundations of Agility

Topics Covered

Required Modules

  • Know Scrum Well
  • Understanding Complexity and Empiricism
  • Agile Coaching Competency Framework

Elective Modules

Lean/Agile Practitioner

  • Correct Metrics
  • Working with Impediments
  • Managing Flow
  • Blending Scrum and the Kanban Method
  • Fostering Healthy Relationships
  • Communication Patterns and Preferences
  • Basics of User Stories
  • Splitting User Stories

Content-Based: Teaching

  • Training from the Back of the Room

Content-Based: Mentoring

  • Mentoring vs. Coaching

Content- Based Technical

  • Encouraging Test-First
  • Improving Software Quality
  • Essentials of DevOps

Areas of Mastery: Business

  • Facilitating User Story Mapping
  • Facilitating Impact Mapping

Areas of Mastery: Transformation

  • Leading Change
  • Proven Scaling

Process-Based Facilitation

  • Fundamentals of Facilitation

Process-Based: Professional Coaching

  • Fundamentals of Coaching

Additional Offerings

  • 5 Ways to Stack the Odds in Complex Decisions
  • Leading in Complexity

ProSearch Scrum Academy: A Way Forward

The ProSearch Scrum Academy is a way forward for organizations seeking to thrive by becoming more adaptive. Employees who become effective Scrum Masters will enable adaptability and evolutionary improvement at the team level. Team members will increase their engagement and satisfaction as they reach higher levels of performance as value, productivity, and quality increase.

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Leading in Complexity

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